Concept Board | Open new possibilities for communications.


Concept Board | Open new possibilities for installation art, content creation and communications.



  1. The project, the subject, and the outcome. 
  2. Anatomy of a virtual world.
  3. Large-scale projects methodology. 
  4. Aesthetic snapshot.



For the past 15 years, Martin Lenclos has practiced unique multi-platform media arts. From 3D real-time installations to participative media arts experiments, and from micro-video program producing to startups fundraising strategies, Lenclos has pushed design boundaries and created unique interactions between pure art and media communication.




The project, the subject, and the outcome.
Martin Lenclos creates unique strategies and designs, these explore the communication possibilities found at the intersection of interactive technology and multidimensional information architecture. While building his past ventures, he has taken on multiple functions of business development, strategy lead, and project management; enough to understand the type of new media arts content that projects call for. 




Anatomy of a virtual world.
On the New York Exit New York, the environment was built with 6,000 digital pictures of the city and then catalogued a total of 12,000 sprites, objects, frames and sounds. Here is the way Martin Lenclos conceives, looks at, and constructs virtual space:




Large-scale projects methodology.
On marketing, brand, PR, and internal communications projects, Martin Lenclos will conceive a custom framework cycle, which will be designed to achieve strategic results through participative experiences with today's media arts. Examples of the framework used in an internal communications project; Slide 1, THREE STAGE PROJECT; Slide 2, FOUR DIMENSIONS TO INTEGRATION; Slide 3, PRODUCTION CYCLE.




Aesthetic Snapshot
Martin Lenclos employs full body photographic cut-out collages and a post-post-impressionistic aesthetic in his visuals with recurring themes, such as depiction of light, passage of time, scenes of daily life, and mobility of moment.