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  1. Large-scale projects methodology. 
  2. Anatomy of a virtual world.
  3. Aesthetic snapshot.



Large-scale projects methodology.
Martin Lenclos has conceived a custom framework cycle for his projects, which was designed to achieve strategic results through participative experiences with today's media arts. Slide 1, THREE STAGE PROJECT; Slide 2, FOUR DIMENSIONS TO INTEGRATION; Slide 3, PRODUCTION CYCLE.




Martin Lenclos's anatomy of a virtual world.
On the New York Exit New York, the environment was built with 6,000 digital pictures of the city and then catalogued a total of 12,000 sprites, objects, frames and sounds. Here is the way Martin Lenclos conceives, looks at, and constructs virtual space:




Aesthetic Snapshot
Martin Lenclos employs full body photographic cut-out collages and a post-post-impressionistic aesthetic in his visuals with recurring themes, such as depiction of light, passage of time, scenes of daily life, and mobility of moment.