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Plan My World, Shodo World, No. 2 (New York Exit New York©)

New York Exit New York Shodo World, Plan My World, Martin Lenclos
New York Exit New York, Shodo World, Plan my world, 2, Martin Lenclos

New York Exit New York (NYXTNY) is a virtual world created out of six thousand photo-stills taken with a digital camera, and built entirely in a virtual reality engine called Virtools. From these, thirty-nine thousand 3D elements were extracted to create a representative New York City. It was built much in the same way as a movie set which is comprised only of facades. These combined images create an illusion of a living city that can be navigated by the spectator at the museum and art centers installations it's been exhibited.

Shodo World — Inspired by Japanese calligraphy, Martin Lenclos created a series of 3 prints, representing the New York Exit New York virtual world and its relation with the negative space around it.

Plan My World, No. 2 — With Plan My World, the composition came from a mental note. Coming around a corner, I realized I had just passed half a dozen real estate agencies and as many sites under construction.

New York Exit New York

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