Martin Lenclos // Photography and digital art


Installation at Siggraph Art Gallery, San Diego, CA (New York Exit New York©)

NYXTNY Installation Siggraph
Installation New York Virtual Siggraph
Installation New York Virtual Siggraph
Installation New York Virtual — Siggraph

New York Exit New York (NYXTNY) is a real time 3D art installation created in collaboration with Toronto-based interactive art director Priam Givord. It was designed as a representative New York City intersection by weaving together the city’s different dominant themes. NYXTNY is not a realistic turn-by-turn layout, but rather, it is an impressionistic representation of the streets: it leaves the spectator feeling a sense of the “New York-ness”. It tries to create something that could change the way we conceive, look at, and construct virtual space in that it is not total fantasy, but rather is based on familiar elements put together as a total vision - something that is nearly impossible in a real city. 

NYXTNY Exhibition at Siggraph Art Gallery — In collaboration with engineer Oliver Irschitz and Peyote Inc., we created an installation using Irschitz's iTube. The interaction with the virtual world was possible using a heat sensors frame. People's hand movements are remapped to the mouse movements on the screen, and they can surf freely in real time 3D in the city metaphor. 

New York Exit New York

— Mix media installation

What they came up with is the surfing experience of the next decade.... You can fly through the urban chaos – brushing the underbellies of taxicabs and climbing the walls of storied skyscrapers
— Jennifer Hillner, Wired