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New York Photo Festival 2010 (3D Multimedia Coverage)

Martin Lenclos NYPH 2010
NYPH 2010 Coverage3D
Martin Lenclos Coverage3D NYPH 2010
Martin Lenclos Coverage in 3D of NY Photo Festival

Martin Lenclos created a format for 3D interactive and interpretative representation of live events used for online diffusion. In 2008, in collaboration with Joe and Andy Weitzel, he launched Coverage3D, a platform built to enable online users to “visit” event coverages virtually, getting a sense of the event experience through interviews, streamed video, sound, and photography. 

New York Photo Festival 2010 website. For PowerHouse Books and NYPH. — Like a movie set, the website transports the visitor into the festival experience offering him/her to meet with the curators, the photographers and the attendees. Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY.

Explore the interactive Coverage3D piece on the original blog >

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We interviewed and placed in the 3d environment: Vince Aletti, Manuela Bohme, Veronique Bourgoin, Natan Dvir, Christian Domecq, Alina Grosman, Nicolas Jimenez, Erik Kessels, Yan Li, Kadi Malonji, Janine Menlove, Jeff Mermelstein, Anna Moller, Alice O’Malley, Daan Paans, Daniel Power, Matthieu Rytz, Katie Sherman, Petra Stavast, Batia Suter, Mavi Thorpe, Marla Ulrich, Wytske van Keulen, Lisbeth von Blumenkraut, Nicolas Wormull, Marga Zijvanrotteveel.