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Festival De Fotografia (3D Multimedia Coverage)

Paraty in Brazil. Photo Festival. Martin Lenclos
Paraty Em Foco -- Coverage in 3D by Martin Lenclos
Coverage3D in Brazil. Martin Lenclos
Multimedia coverage by Martin Lenclos
Paraty Em Foco, Photo Festival. Martin Lenclos

Martin Lenclos created a format for 3D interactive and interpretative representation of live events used for online diffusion. In 2008, in collaboration with Joe and Andy Weitzel, he launched Coverage3D, a platform built to enable online users to “visit” event coverages virtually, getting a sense of the event experience through interviews, streamed video, sound, and photography. 

Festival De Fotografia website. Paraty, Brazil. For Leica Brazil. — The challenge was having only five days to cover this event in the most innovative way possible. The team interviewed the influential photographers, curators, and journalists in attendance and captured each person, their surroundings, and the entire event itself. The 3D coverage featured a 3D visual model of the town of Paraty—graced by over 40 video interviews and eight photo galleries.

Explore the interactive Coverage3D piece on the original blog >

— Mix Media

Incredible WORK. Memorable!
— Luiz Marinho, Leica

Interviewed and placed in the 3d environment: Silas De Paula, Ana Carolina Krusehewsky, Luciana Cattani, Luiz Lima, Simonetta Persichetti, Juan Esteves, Machiel Botman, Marie Hippenmeyer, Fancesco Cito, Bruce Gilden, Claudio Edinger, Jay Colton, Patricia Arico, Marcelo Grego, Tung Gerson, Izan Petterle, Duda Escobar, Luciele Marques, Cesar Andrade, Bernardes Herculano, Jean Lopes, Marcello Oliveira, Daniel De Cerqueira, Paula Cinquetti, Pierre Devin, Orlando Azevedo, Flavio Colker, Rosa Gauditano, Evandro Teixeira, Christian Maldonado, Marcio Scavone, Gustavo Pellizzon, Nair Benedicto, Vilma Slomp, Ralph Gibson, and Virginia Talita.