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Exit Gotham (New York Exit New York Series, No. 9)

Exit Gotham (New York Exit New York© Series, No. 9)
Exit Gotham (New York Exit New York© Series, No. 9)

The series of virtual world photographs are Martin Lenclos's way to capturing special moments happening in the VR world he has built beforehand. Whenever he experiences the kind of thrill that usually comes only when events unveil themselves in front of him in real life, Martin Lenclos takes the virtual "screen" shot. This is not New York anymore but an overwrite of his initial interpretation of the cityscape. By taking the time to stroll the virtual space he built from the memories of his visits in New York City, Martin experiences the city in layers. This is what perhaps users on social networks experience when they give their own interpretations of what they read from their friends' impressions of actual events. The work presents these unexpected virtual events as a hope that they may reveal what he particularly feels is so special about the city: that NYC is an event itself in perpetual recreation. Prior to screenshooting virtual photos, Martin shot cityscape and street-life photographs of the city, thousands of them using a digital camera. He then built a 3D environment in a video game engine using photo sprites from this collection to recreate the photographic texture he had captured during his travel.

Exit Gotham, No. 9 — The abstract lines created by the car lights on the avenue at night create a unique choreography. 

New York Exit New York© — The project is a 3D environment/installation built by Martin Lenclos in collaboration with Toronto-based interactive art director Priam Givord. At the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC, one can freely surf a city metaphor in real time 3D projected on a giant screen using a controller or programmable sequencing of camera views loop. The virtual world and photographic prints have been shown at the SIGGRAPH in San Diego, CA, and the Design Exchange in Toronto among others.

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