Martin Lenclos // Photography and digital art


Eloge Calligraphique, Shodo World, No. 1 (New York Exit New York©)


New York Exit New York (NYXTNY) is a virtual world created out of six thousand photo-stills taken with a digital camera, and built entirely in a virtual reality engine called Virtools. From these, thirty-nine thousand 3D elements were extracted to create a representative New York City. It was built much in the same way as a movie set which is comprised only of facades. These combined images create an illusion of a living city that can be navigated by the spectator at the museum and art centers installations it's been exhibited.

Shodo World — Inspired by Japanese calligraphy, Martin Lenclos created a series of 3 prints, representing the New York Exit New York virtual world and its relation with the negative space around it.

Eloge Calligraphique, No. 1 — The sky was grey, the rain had created a puddle by the door step, the leafs were red, the shadows were soft, autumn had brought back poetry.

New York Exit New York

— Mix Media