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Connections, Le Book trade show (3D Multimedia Coverage)

Le Book Trade Show
Connections, the trade show. For Le Book.
Connections, the trade show website. For Le Book.
Connections by LeBook -- Martin Lenclos

Martin Lenclos created a format for 3D interactive and interpretative representation of live events used for online diffusion. In 2008, in collaboration with Joe and Andy Weitzel, he launched Coverage3D, a platform built to enable online users to “visit” event coverages virtually, getting a sense of the event experience through interviews, streamed video, sound, and photography. 

Connections, the trade show website. For global network Le Book. — We created an evocative rendering of the LE BOOK Festival Week Connections/Productions. We built a 3D on-line interactive mini-site, filmed a video overview and a series of short interviews of attendees and exhibitors. The trade show takes place each year in the iconic Puck Building on Lafayette Ave, in New York, NY.

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I love how all the figures are looking right at you... like you’re at a party and you’re the center of attention.
— Dan