Martin Lenclos // Photography and digital art


Golconda (Concept Art for Coeur Defense Installation)


The concept art presents the intentions to create an installation that would take place in the twin towers of Coeur Defense. It would occupy most of the 2.4 acres atrium at its center. From 50 feet above the floor, Magritte's Golconda figurines would float harmoniously covering the space all the way to the 150 feet tall atrium ceiling. The natural light in the atrium would play an important role by creating moving shadows throughout the floor plan, reminding the passersby and tenants' employees to look up. The French developer Unibail, the managing company of the towers of Coeur Defense at La Defense in Paris, commissionned the art installation. The project has not yet been produced in real life. 

Golconda — Full-size photo cut-out installation. Coeur Defense, La Defense, Paris.

— Concept art